Da Kikokiko Brings Hawaiian Street Food to Playa Vista

Photo: LA Weekly/Bethany Nauert

Photo: LA Weekly/Bethany Nauert

From the Argonaut, By Jessica Koslow

Sandwiched between Hopdoddy Burger Bar and a Chase bank branch, Da Kikokiko opened in October and specializes in the couple’s three favorite Hawaiian foods: poke, shaved ice and musubi (grilled spam on top of rice, wrapped together with a piece of seaweed).

“We’ve always liked Hawaiian food,” says Roberts. “We have a favorite place on Washington Boulevard, Rutt’s Cafe. I’m a Spam fanatic. I love Spam. This is an awesome collaboration between all of those foods.”

“It’s surprising there aren’t more Hawaiian street food places,” adds Williamson. “There are poke places, but in order to find musubi you have to seek it out.”

Serving authentic shaved ice is important to the couple, who have an 8-year-old son who loves the cold treat. They traveled to Hawaii to experience and recreate the texture of real shaved ice, which should not taste crunchy and overly sweet like a snow cone.

Da Kikokiko’s chunky poke bowls include seven signature recipes or the option to build your own from mild or spicy yellowfin tuna, lomi-lomi salmon, octopus, Japanese eggplant or ‘Krab with a K’ combined with any of 30 different toppings and one of six sauces.

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