7th Annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase is Sat, April 25, 2015

mar vista green garden showcase
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From the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase:

The 7th Annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase is Saturday, April 25, 2015. 

This Earth Day celebration, presented by the Mar Vista Community Council, seeks to empower Angelenos to adopt environmentally conscious living solutions. With many people walking or biking their tours, there is a tremendous sense of community as garden enthusiasts from throughout Southern California join our neighbors to celebrate our shared vision for a greener life. 

Each year, we feature different areas within Mar Vista. This year there are five walkable garden clusters in Mar Vista Community Council zones 4, 5 and 6. Click here to see a map.

This is a curated show. The featured gardens have one or more of the following sustainability features: California native/drought tolerant plantings, edibles, water catchment systems. Use the garden tags on the right to find gardens with these features and more, including chickens and beekeeping.

The Mar Vista community has an ongoing commitment to encouraging sustainability in all aspects of life. The Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market hosts a different eco-presenter each Sunday. Every 4th Sunday, UCCE Master Gardeners visit The Green Tent with seeds, seedlings and advice.

Would you like to be on the Green Garden Showcase email list? Contact us at gardens@marvista.org. We will not bombard you with emails!

Did you miss the 2014 tour, or some of the gardens on it? Click here to display a 2014 Green Garden Showcase map, then follow the directions to create your own personal tour map. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF GARDEN OWNERS’ PROPERTY. View gardens from the sidewalk unless invited in. Don’t pick anything!