KCET: A Vision for the Next Los Angeles - Transportation Equity and Just Growth


KCET Departures blog is partnering with the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) at the University of Southern California on a series of articles -- which are called L.A. in Motion -- exploring what transportation equity means for Los Angeles and its residents.

Excerpt from this month's article, by Dr. Manuel Pastor of USC:

The fact is that the next Los Angeles is being remade before our eyes -- and while there is much to be done, there is a lot that is going right. We are in the midst of a reinvention of sorts: from sprawl to community development, from car dependence to transit orientation, from rising inequality to a growing commitment to equity and inclusion.

Indeed, Los Angeles has been a place for innovation around matters of equity for some time, particularly in the field of transportation. We successfully insisted on better bus service, pioneered clean trucking and shipping at our ports, and have even taxed ourselves to expand our transit network.

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