Travis and Greg

Travis and Greg

Who We Are

We are partners in life and partners in real estate. Our careers in real estate began 5 years ago after our own home purchase in Los Angeles. We realized there were certain challenges unique to the LGBT community in the home search and buying process. We combined our expertise in sales and negotiating, along with marketing and design, and set forth on working as a team in an independent West Los Angeles brokerage. In 2016, we joined John Aaroe Group and are based out of their Brentwood office.   

What We Do

Our goal is to help LGBT clients through the home buying and selling process by sharing our knowledge of LA’s diverse communities and how to successfully and strategically navigate LA's competitive market. You can focus on the fun part of choosing a property while we guide you through the process from sourcing relevant properties and lending options to negotiations, escrow and the final closing. 

How We Can Help

Whether your upcoming investment represents a 'threshold-crossing life transition' or a strategic investment acquisition, we can create a plan to suit your needs and personality. We’re highly experienced in navigating the maze of today’s LA market from start to finish, including property identification, lending options, negotiations, escrow and final closing. A full list of our buyer services is below. In addition, you can download our free Home Buyer Guide full of tips and advice.

We are seasoned house hunters and negotiators who know how to find Los Angeles’ hidden gems in both established and up-and-coming neighborhoods. We do believe Los Angeles is the greatest place to live, to create, and grow and we want every client to have a home that helps them flourish in a neighborhood they love!

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Our buyer services include: 


We live in the heart of the high-tech world and are based in Silicon Beach, and use the most current and evolved technology to stay informed about the market and manage your purchase. We connect through your preferred technology to ease the communication process and match your lifestyle. And, when you need some good old fashioned face time, we’ll happily oblige! 


We get Los Angeles. We live here. We can help you figure out which price ranges, neighborhoods and property types best fit your needs. When it’s time to make an offer, we’ll provide unrivaled guidance, detailed market information and analysis powered by John Aaroe Group to help you close the best deal. 


Think of us as your private concierge. Our team will help you review disclosure documentation for the properties you like, and establish the right offer price and terms. We will then present your offer in the most favorable light. 


Any property is worth a closer look. We will provide a list of qualified home inspectors, and attend inspections with you. If the inspections reveal items that require correction, we will advise as to whether or not it may be possible to obtain credits or repairs. 


We’ll monitor the entire escrow process to ensure a smooth experience and assign a dedicated Transaction Coordinator to your transaction to help ensure every document is signed and deadline met. And when it’s time to sign closing papers, we will be available to handle any last minute details. We’ll even spring for drinks at the end of the signing! 

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